Force is neccessary to expel impurities……

There is a vast difference between ‘to remove’ and ‘to expel’. In the world of Spirituality (more in the eastern ones) it is always recommended to remove anger,hatred,jealousy,violence,greed,desire,and many other negative emotions. Just… Continue reading


Ego Notes Ego can be seen…… the behaviour of the person….. Ego is present in everybody… some it is minimal and in some- totally dominant. Ego is good in some cases and harmful… Continue reading

People Disappoint- but Pizza is eternal.

Accept this simple truth no matter how much of an optimist you are.Accept in all seriousness and accept it with a pinch of salt and accept it with great humour. Accept this with… Continue reading


Firstly let me define “refine” with reference to how I am using it in this post. There is refined oil…..which means that the impurities are removed…… In the same way you can refine… Continue reading

Mindset vs.Mind

A mind is something developed.Your whole background till now is what your mind is today…This post is not about the mind.It is about the mindset. Within the parameters of your existing mind,what are… Continue reading

Waiting Meditation

    As population increases relentlessly year by year all over the world, one has to wait more and more at say airports,rail terminals, waiting rooms of doctors,lawyers etc. especially in the cities.Commuting… Continue reading

Powerful Opening Lines Of Books.

In Sanskrit, this is the opening Verse Of  The Asta Vakra Gita “Katham  Jnanam  Apnauti  ? Katham Mukti  Bhavishyati ? Vairaagyam cha  Katham Praptam ?  Etata Bruhimam Prabho ! “ The approximate personal… Continue reading

Levels of Memory ?

Memory Types Just as your  computer has a total amount of memory,it has random access memory(RAM) and it has memory segregated into its differnt drives – so also human memory located in the… Continue reading


People like to think they are different from others. People  like to think that they are not like everybody else. This is their ego at work.Everybody has this same ego. Even if you… Continue reading


When on the net,sometimes you loose the internet connection,what do you do immediately? You reconnect. But in real life, when you sometimes loose a connection, you just let it go….You then loose a… Continue reading

Time For Time to be taken Seriously

When I was in Film School,one of the most interesting short films I saw was a film called” Time Is”. It dealt with the concept of time,very scientifically,very mathemathically. But what I would… Continue reading

Perchance to Dream Creatively

  There are people who have lots of dreams and there are people who dont. There are people who remember their dreams vividly and there are those who dont. In both,I belong to… Continue reading

Is there another Buddha around?

    Most human beings are happy with a limited life within the confines of their own family and friends.Nobody wants to be a solitary bird. That is why the family has been… Continue reading

The Purpose Of Life

The purpose of life…. This is an interesting question which a lot of people ask…. But the question is mostly asked in rhetoric.Nobody wants to know the answer from others as they probably… Continue reading

A personal ‘string’ theory

Some personal notes…. If you start with the simple process of breathing,you can divide one cycle into the following four parts:1.breathing in 2.holding breath inside 3.breathing out and 4.holding breath outside This whole… Continue reading

Creativity and Aging

There is a part of the brain which is responsible for creativity….. There is another part of the brain which is responsible for analysis…logic….thinking ……… How does age affect both these….? Could it… Continue reading

Enlightenment-questions galore…..

I have always wondered what enlightenment really is? What happens when you get enlightened? Do you become God? Do you become one with God? Do you become all knowing? Do all your karmas,past… Continue reading

The Art Of Withdrawal

  When I say withdrawal I do not mean” to retreat .” What I mean is to go inside….to withdraw from the outside to go inside. There is no negative connotation as in… Continue reading

Understanding Guna

Guna is a difficult word to translate….It could mean having a certain quality…a certain property….a certain  inherent law… The property(guna) of fire is heat……That is easy to explain…. But what is the property inherent… Continue reading

What is the Chemistry Of Emotions ?

Another word I love is chemistry.Not in the literal sense but in the sense of relationships or in the sense of personal body chemistry related to your individual emotional state. In relational terms… Continue reading