Mindset vs.Mind

A mind is something developed.Your whole background till now is what your mind is today…This post is not about the mind.It is about the mindset.

Within the parameters of your existing mind,what are the essentials of developing a mindset?And what is a mindset?

The best way to explain is in the world of sport…..There is a huge amount of competition all around us.So beside being good at your sport independently,you have to be able to cope up with the stress factor,you have to remain cool under pressure,know the techniques of your opponent,use technology to your advantage,have a proper coach,use all round training,eat the proper diet etc etc.

All this requires a proper mind set.A complete new way of thinking to tackle a particular goal you have set for yourself.

If you wish to reduce your weight,you have to have a mindset for that.You wish to become a writer,you have to train your self and work according to a plan in your head.All this is a part of mindset.

You have to have the mindset of a winner to excel in whatever you are doing.

Developing your mind is good if you wish to be good but if you wish to be the best you have to develop the mindset.

You must have the ambition,the motivation to score as the first principle of developing a mindset.

You must have hard work in the right direction-knowing that your competitors are also doing the same.Always think of them as they are always a part of your mindset.Even a painter,who works so much on his own,always knows what others around him are doing and is updated on the art scene around.

What if there is a mindset and there is no talent? A mind is a prerequisite of a mindset.

The earlier you understand mindset the better.Children must be taught the word mindset…They are already taught the individual components of going ahead in life subconsciously,but it is important to learn so collectively and consciously  the art of developing a mindset.