The Purpose Of Life

The purpose of life….

This is an interesting question which a lot of people ask….

But the question is mostly asked in rhetoric.Nobody wants to know the answer from others as they probably feel subconsciously that they know the answer.

But I ask the question what is the purpose of life ? wanting to go ahead with the answer.

I think the purpose of life is evolution.Not in just a purely biological way,which the word evolution involves.

We have evolved from apes to man-end of theory of evolution.

Nobody pursues the matter further.

Within men,there are those who have evolved more-who are more refined  in their mindsets,in their emotionsets and in their spiritualsets, -who will become more refined still because they believe that the purpose of life is to become better human beings in all ways.

And Man has to and will  evolve into something higher than what he is.

He  seems to be going in the reverse and devolving , looking at the political and economical and environmental situation of the world today.

But scientifically as well as spiritually,man has to evolve into maybe (for want of a word) a super man.This super man has to be defined.

He will be in total control of his intrinsic emotions,after having removed all traces of anger hatred violence jealousy etc. he will have developed extra sensory powers of awareness,he will be in control of suffering as he is in control of  his karma,he will have developed powers of communication without mobiles or internet-just intuitive powers because the chips are all  developed in his head at birth,intelligence and knowledge will be transferred from parents to children,so on and so forth.

All science fiction stuff at the moment.

But hundreds of years from now,when our mindsets will not be limited to  just a social life, man will surely   evolve into the next  evolutionary stage/phase of his  life.

That is the purpose of life.