Creativity and Aging

There is a part of the brain which is responsible for creativity…..

There is another part of the brain which is responsible for analysis…logic….thinking ………

How does age affect both these….?

Could it be that as one grows older creativity reduces and analytic activity increases? Does too much logic affect creativity? Is creativity illogical and more spontaneous?

In the case of painters and writers age seems not to affect creativty so much but in the case of film directors,creativity is best in their younger periods……First five films of so many Film Directors have been better than their last five films. (Fellini,Orson Welles,Ray, Goddard) Why is this ?

Is there not a way to make the brain more creative  by bringing into it an element of youth?

Does creativity get affected by ego?

How can the brain get recharged so that its inventive power does not decrease?

Creativity and Spirituality,do they go hand in hand?

Creativity and Science and technology….is aging better for people ‘s creativity in these fields? And what about creativity in business? Moneymaking ideas- is that not creativity?

Is there creative spirituality?

Is spirituality neccessary for creativity?

Newer ideas need to be pumped into the brain for creativity  to be kept at higher levels…..How to keep reinventing yourself?

Is there any connection between food and creativity? Is there any connection between drugs and creativity? Between mild hash and the human brain?

So many questions lie unanswered as far as research regarding human creativity….