Enlightenment-questions galore…..

I have always wondered what enlightenment really is?

What happens when you get enlightened?

Do you become God? Do you become one with God?

Do you become all knowing?

Do all your karmas,past and present,get totally deleted and you will never be born again on earth?

If you are enlightened will you never experience any sort of suffering?What about other people’s suffering? Will you be untouched by it?

Who are the people besides those Humans who have now become Gods  who were enlightened?

Who are the people alive who are enlightened? Is The Dalai Lama enlightened…..? Is there a before and after point at which enlightenment happens?

What are the qualities required for enlightenment to happen?Does one have to be a monk,or a desciple of some enlightened guru or any layman can become enlightened?

Is one born enlightened or is one born partly enlightened? Is there such a thing as partly enlightened?

Is enlightenment through meditation,through love,through service or through prayers?

Is there only gradual enlightenment over many lives or is sudden enlightenment possible?

Is there someone who can enlighten me on all these questions?