People Disappoint- but Pizza is eternal.

Accept this simple truth no matter how much of an optimist you are.Accept in all seriousness and accept it with a pinch of salt and accept it with great humour.

Accept this with regard to ALL people-your husband/wife,your children, other family members,close friends,other friends,acquaintaces etc etc.

Accept this truth but accept it  without any  frustration,hatred,pity,remorse or any other negative emotions.Rather, accept it with only positive emotions.

In a spirit of detachment.
In a spirit of acceptance.

Knowing well that all are living their own lives not to fulfil your expectations.
And they have their own priorities.
Knowing well that even you have disappointed many people close to you and they have still accepted you.
Knowing that one has to be realistic and practical as far as relationships are concerned.

Knowing that detachment is a powerful weapon to face this life.

And in a lighter vein I end this note so that the cycle is complete.(i started this post after reading this sticker)

“People disappoint- but pizza is eternal.”