Time For Time to be taken Seriously

When I was in Film School,one of the most interesting short films I saw was a film called” Time Is”.

It dealt with the concept of time,very scientifically,very mathemathically.

But what I would like to talk about is time at a very personal level.

Most of us ignore time as an importnt contributor to the quality of our life as a whole.Time is taken for granted.It is ignored.

In our personal lives  what are the times we generally come across.

Firstly there is real time-the most important one.It is taken for granted that you have unlimited time right from birth.

And this makes you forget that this real time is moving fast.But only when you grow up.

Childhood time is slow and leisurely but when you grow up,have children and a job,it picks up speed and before you know it the day is  over.  Ofcourse  it is all very personal and varies from person to person.But that is the point I am making.We must all learn how to slow down our time IF time is moving too fast…….And find creative interesting stuff to do if we find our personal time moving too slowly.

This real  time also requires your maximum energy.A working adult gets into a job as it is expected of him and he moves into the social circle.An eight hour job is common.A two hour commute is common.A two hours TV watching/Internet  is common,Eight hours sleep,Two hours for  morning tea,bath,reading paper ,breakfast,lunch and dineer.What’s left ?

A measly two hours to contemplate /meditate on the pleasures that time on your hands can provide you with.

Besides real time there is Meditative time. This  is the slowest of all personal times…… if you so desire it……..But there are people who will also make this time fast…..

There is also Cinematic  time .This is an interesting possibility in your personal life because film time can be condensed the most easily……it is psychological……..it can give you a range of experiences……You can live a totally different life in the course of a movie and come out and back into your own life.Cinema has this possibility of mesmerization.This is why films are so popular with the whole of humanity.

Then there is travel time.This  is the most fascinating for most of humanity…if they can afford it…New places new faces new experiences……. travel time the most longed for  excitement people bring into their otherwise boring lives.

Then there is dream time…It is possible to have interesting dreams and make sleeping something to look forward to if one understands dreams and takes them seriously.Dreams are ignored by most people.They are not real so why bother? But dreaming is real.Dreaming time is the most expansive of all times.A ten minute nightmare can seem like eternity,if you are stuck in it somewhere.

There are other types of time which I will talk of later.But the point I make is that time is an important asset of your life.Like your good health.In running after money dont neglect either of these two assets.Improve the quality of your time as well as your health.Use time well and it will give your a wealth of happiness.