Perchance to Dream Creatively


There are people who have lots of dreams and there are people who dont.

There are people who remember their dreams vividly and there are those who dont.

In both,I belong to the latter.

I dont have too many dreams and I dont remember my dreams in the morning.

Till now I never complained.But now I miss my dreams and sometimes when I do get them,I wish I could remember them.

I have very few dreams of my father,or my mother,or her mother and I miss those types of dreams.

Dreams comprising of childhood memories.Surreal dreams.

Why do I not get  dreams of my ancestors? Or of Osho? Or of my childhood? My teachers in school?

Why do they not communicate with me through dreams?

Is it because I do not understand the language of dreams? Or because I never believed in them?

Is it because I am doing something wrong.

Dreams have their own laws.One must understand these properly before communication can be established.

Just like understanding another language.

A certain part of your brain creates dreams.

It can create all nonsensical stuff as it has been creating for me.Nothing exciting visually , nothing really interesting.

That may be because I have not yet opened that door as yet which is responsible for this.

On the contrary I have neglected and negated this door.Rejected it so far.

So the first step is to say yes….something can be communicated through dreams so that the sleep world becomes more exciting.

I remember when I was in Venice I got the most exciting dreams for all the nights that I stayed there.

I wish I could return to those days.Every night ,before going to bed I should pray to the God of Dreams to shower me with communicative dreams,creative dreams ,wise dreams,which are not just meaningless rubbish but exciting worlds of discovery.