The Art Of Withdrawal


When I say withdrawal I do not mean” to retreat .” What I mean is to go inside….to withdraw from the outside to go inside. There is no negative connotation as in “withdrawal symptoms”. On the contrary there are positive connotations in the act of withdrawal,the way I mean it. In the eight limbs of Yoga as per Patanjali, Pratyhar is the fifth limb….and one of the English words I would use to translate Pratyhar would be to withdraw oneself from the outside world….. It is a sort of detachment so that you discover something else within yourself.The sixth limb and the seventh limb of astanga yoga of Patanjali are Dharana and Dhyaan-two ways of meditation. So one could say that Withdrawal is a preparatory stage of Meditation…..the art of leaving things behind you….without carrying them with you all the time…. Off hand I would say that withdrawals could be a.Physical…. Aloneness is a sort of withdrawal…so that you can meditate….you dont need the company of someone all the time…. b.Withdrawal of desires…..I dont neccesarily mean sexual desires…but desires like gadgets,smartphones,clothes,cars,shopping,etc etc. c.Withdrawal from the pleasures of the senses….food,sex,perfumes,movies, music,t.v.entertainment etc.etc. d.withdrawal into your own space…..which is also going to give you a certain joy of its own….. People are not fools to meditate….. They do it because a certain kind of peace enters you…and that brings with it its own joy…. One has to realize this and the first step is a sort of withdrawal….not a full time withdrawal….but each person has to decide for himself how much and then how deep one wants to withdraw.