Waiting Meditation



As population increases relentlessly year by year all over the world, one has to wait more and more at say airports,rail terminals,

waiting rooms of doctors,lawyers etc. especially in the cities.Commuting time  is also on the increase.Waiting for other people

who are late.

If possible,one can use this waiting period,for a bit of fast meditation-ranging from 5 mins onwards to an hour or more(If for

example,your flight is delayed)

Start by finding a seat somewhere least crowded.

Sit comfortably,balanced,back upright,no support from back of chair,head straight.

Be relaxed.Close your eyes,as if taking a nap.

Become aware of all the sounds around you.

Watch your breathing. Inhale slowly,hold your breath. Exhale slowly,hold your breath.  Atleast ten times.

Five minutes are up.

If your time is up,open your eyes and you will feel more refreshed than you were before you started.

If you have more time,do another round, this time  of twenty inhalations exhalations.

This time you can watch your thought.What are you thinking of at this moment.

Watch as an outsider-an onlooker.

As you do this more often you will become good at this.

This is a good workout session for your mind just like a session in the gym is good for the body.

You will develop patience also in the bargain.

Make waiting good for your health.