Is there another Buddha around?



Most human beings are happy with a limited life within the confines of their own family and friends.Nobody wants to be a solitary bird.

That is why the family has been a basic unit in the social structure for so long,holding society together.

Society encourages this,religion encourages this and traditions encourage this.

A boy grows up into a man ,finds a suitable woman for him,gets married and they have children and this pattern goes on.The children grow up and follow the same pattern.It is so automatic that nobody ever questions this pattern.

You don’t have a society of solitary individuals,each wanting to grow spiritually within themselves,with total freedom,no financial pressures of family,or individuals believing in being universal (as opposed to being tied down to one single place) by merging with the divine.Not becoming priests or renouncing life but following their  own careers,but on their own without following the pattern of marriage,children,educating children,marrying children,grandchildren etc etc.

You don’t have a society of only unmarried individual people living together like a family-you don’t have a family of friends as a social structure around you.

If you are single you are a misfit.There must be something wrong with you. Ofcourse this is changing slowly but it is just that marriages are being pushed back.An alternative pattern is not emerging.

Getting married,having children is the purpose and you have to then  pursue your career ,so that the standard of living is raised continuously for the sake of the family.Fancy house,fancy gadgets,club memberships,one car,with driver,two cars,two homes,servants,parties,more friends,Facebook,Twitter,all has a certain pattern.Time for God or for personal spiritual growth has a limited place as there is genuinely no time.God is not demanding so its OK.When those holy days come,we go to the churches or temples or mosques or whatever and then enjoy the rest of the bank holiday with our family.Very few people are aware that there is such a thing as personal spirital growth possible with each and every one.

There are plus and minus points for both the sides But the family wins hands down-so far atleast. There is no other attractive option.

And till there is another option, life will go on-with material,economic,technological ,corporate growth but no great spiritual leaps by thousands of individuals all over the world with a drastic change  in the pattern of life.

What the world needs is another Buddha.To make the Spiritual world more interesting.