Force is neccessary to expel impurities……

in motion-forceThere is a vast difference between ‘to remove’ and ‘to expel’.

In the world of Spirituality (more in the eastern ones) it is always recommended to remove anger,hatred,jealousy,violence,greed,desire,and many other negative emotions.

Just removing these negatives is not easy…..

Because they are deeply entrenched inside you bio system within……

Because you have grown up with all these emotions since chidhood and you see them all around you,in real life,in movies ,on television.

Oscar awards are given to actors for portraying these dramatic emotions so beautifully…..

Who is going to give an Oscar to an actor portaying the role of an enlightened man who is at peace with himself ? No conflicts and no emotions are boring to most of humanity. But if you wish to remove these from your life then force is neccessary.

You cant remove them just like that,you have to expel them.

Plain medicines are not enough…..Strong anti biotics are neccessary.

It cannot be done in one or two days….It will take the rest of your life to overcome them.

Maybe even a couple of lives.

But once the negatives are expelled,there will be beautiful space created……

Its like you have a relationship with an evil person, and one day, the evil one leaves you, you are suddenly free from the persons influence. You are free.

Freedom is not just political freedom,or economic freedom or emotional freedom.

It is freedom from anger,hatred, violence, jealosy ,pettiness,etc etc.

Expel all negativity  from your  life forcefully.You will not get any Oscars…..but you can peacefully cheer the winners.