Powerful Opening Lines Of Books.

In Sanskrit, this is the opening Verse Of  The Asta Vakra Gita

“Katham  Jnanam  Apnauti  ?

Katham Mukti  Bhavishyati ?

Vairaagyam cha  Katham Praptam ? 

Etata Bruhimam Prabho ! “

The approximate personal translation is as follows:

” How can you acquire Knowledge on your  own ? 

How can you aim to become free in the future ?

How can you obtain a state of Renunciation (Detachment) ?

Teach me all this O Lord ! “

These are some of the most  powerful Opening Lines of any religious book .

How can I get rid of Ignorance? How can I achieve Enlightenment? And How can I become detached from all (joys and sorrows)?