What is the Chemistry Of Emotions ?

Another word I love is chemistry.Not in the literal sense but in the sense of relationships or in the sense of personal body chemistry related to your individual emotional state.

In relational terms we say “The two of them had good chemistry between them” meaning they understood each other well .Or “they shared a certain chemistry amongst them” meaning they bonded well emotionally….

But  the word chemistry is more important when I think  of it in terms of the human body.There are certain emotions which have a certain chemistry….and when these emotions are unleashed,they release certain toxins and change the chemistry of your body. Say for example ,anger.If you get really angry,certain toxins(chemicals) are relesed in your system which also makes your breathing go haywire.This is like poison in your blood stream,and when this blood reaches your brains,it looses the capacity to think logically because of the poisons.If the person on whom you are angry also gets angry then it gives rise to more anger and more toxins get released  in both leading to higher levels of anger.If violent acts are analysed I am sure it will be found that more than 50% of them can be traced to rage…or extreme uncontrollable anger.Anger changes the chemisty of a person dangerously by converting certain toxins into  poisonous chemicals.

Or take for example fear…when fear takes over,certain toxins are released and chemistry is altered drastically..Reflexes are  heightened and you will be able to run faster,think faster in the act of self preservation.It is most clearly seen in the jungles when animals are faced with danger from other wild animals.Chemistry gets altered with fear and this chemical could be a self preservation chemical. 

I am sure love must also be having a certain chemical(toxin) associated with it  and this must be releasing in the body when you fall in love making you feel all so emotionally messed up.

A study of  body chemistry will help in the study of controlling all negative emotions like anger,hatred,violence,jealosy,racism.

There are medicines for all diseases which work on this principle.Even mental problems like depression are dealt with by mood enhancers.

So hopefully one day,science will be able to control all other negative emotions as well .

In the Universe it may be Maths and Physics which rules.But  in the body,I am sure it is Chemistry.