People like to think they are different from others.

People  like to think that they are not like everybody else.

This is their ego at work.Everybody has this same ego.

Even if you are different-and very very special,how long will you continue to remain so.?

There is a certain beauty in being the same as everyone else.

There is a certain beauty in enjoying the simple joys of life,which all enjoy.

The joy of a movie enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of people all over the world.

The joy of a pizza.The joy of a jog in the park.The joy of enjoying silence.

A stroll on the beach….Thousands of small pleasures enjoyed by millions of people.

This sameness makes you all one.You may be more intelligent than so many but there will be so many other people-more intelligent than you too.So make sure  there is no race,no competetion.All are same.

This is how God must be viewing all men.

I am not against being individualistic.Be totally different.Do everything differently but remember not to be egoistic about this.Remember not to look down on the ordinary.In ordinariness,there can be a lot of extraordinariness,humility and compassion.