A personal ‘string’ theory

Some personal notes….

If you start with the simple process of breathing,you can divide one cycle into the following four parts:1.breathing in 2.holding breath inside 3.breathing out and 4.holding breath outside This whole cycle you could also call it a string.If you link up various strings,you could call it a sequence.One single breath is the smallest part of the sequence.

If you take a relay race,you can also call it a sort of string…one person finishes one round before passing on the baton and all the four runners become a part of the collective string. Or in football,each person who passes the ball on its way to the goal forms a part of the string……..

The first example of the breath is a personal string and the other two are examples of the “collective” string.

Suppose the brain also works on the principle of the string theory of breathing ,one thought links up with another thought with another in a continuous string of thoughts.The string theory now becomes more complex because the brain is infinite in its thinking and also more uncontrolled….But suppose it can be controlled at its basic unit, can this be used effectively in developing ideas if you link one idea with another only if there is some commonality between the two? Like making folders in the computer,can thoughts also be put in different folders in your head? Every time you stray away,you must train yourself to catch yourself straying away…..with awareness….This will help develop ideas systematically…..The string theory of thoughts and ideas…..Is it possible to devise a formula so that the brain is trained for maximum creativity? Why not?