Levels of Memory ?

Memory Types

Just as your  computer has a total amount of memory,it has random access memory(RAM) and it has memory segregated into its differnt drives – so also human memory located in the brain must be having  different types of memory-short term  memory and long term memory. But besides these, there must also be the memories based on the intensity of emotions and the types of emotions-there must be levels of memory- deep ,surface level and inbetween…..

Like  say for example,it is possible that sexual memory must be going into the memory storage a bit more deeper than casual events.Also these events must be remembered through fantasies more often.When memory is recharged it must be getting strengthened.

Or memory of the death of your parents or grandparents….That is why emotional moments in ones life are closer to you than other moments.

How can memory be used constructively…..?

Is it possible to plant memory in a deeper level so that it is not forgotten?

Is it a good idea to have the memory of certain events recharged with fantasies? Or by writing in a diary ? Or with photographs now that most phones have a camera?

Are memories harmful in any way?

Can they be used to improve your life?

If memory  of love experienced in the past is kept alive,is there not more harmony in your life?

Does  the trick   lie in connecting the memory(in the brain) to love(in the heart)?????

And when you die – does all your memory get deleted- except your karmic record memory-so that when you are reborn ,its like a new memory chip in you.?