Firstly let me define “refine” with reference to how I am using it in this post.

There is refined oil…..which means that the impurities are removed……

In the same way you can refine your character -by removing the impurities….

Refine your habits.Especially talking habits.(Speaking the truth)

Eating habits.(Avoid all junk foods, eat only healthy food, in limited quantity)

Refine your emotions.(Less rudeness,anger,hatred,violence,sarcasm,envy,bitterness,

frustration and more compassion,joy,love,kindness,gentleness)

Man is inherently greedy….Refine this need gradually till you feel you have enough.

Refine complexity to simplicity in all your activity and choices……

Refine mind as well as mindset with time for  meditation…..

Refine body with exercise,yoga,and discipline.

Refinement leans towards the white…..

But  white is considered boring by most people because of the strong influence of  books,plays and cinema- because white does not provide conflict….

But your life is not a book, a play or a film…. you are just a spectator..

Your real  life is  a growth opportunity for a higher consciousness….a chance to become totally white-like light….Even if you are not a spiritual person,white will give you more joy than black.

Have you ever seen an apartment in which all the rooms are painted black?

The difference between one individual and another is in the level of refinement one  has introduced in one’s life…

How cool you are is in how kind you are,

how loving you are,

how non violent you are,

how joyful you are,

how giving you are.

Refine yourself gradually,starting with the need for refinement, and you will redefine your life.