Does a sixth sense make sense?

The Sixth sense? What is it?

If you develop the five existing senses with the help of meditation,maybe you may also discover your sixth sense.

When you start your meditation, get into your favourite meditation posture and close your eyes.Give your eyes total rest.Enter the blackness and feel the eyelids getting heavy.After meditation,every image  looks sharper.Feel the nerves behind the eyes relaxing.

Now focus attention on the nose.Smell all the smells around you.Feel the warm air as it enters the nostrils.Try and feel the nerves from the nose to the brain.

Now focus on your lips and move your tongue around it and move it at the top of the palate.Feel the nerves behind the tongue.

Now focus on your ears and the sounds all around you.Isolate each sound and then collectively listen to all of them.

Finally,focus  on the skin in contact with the ground or on sensations all over the body as done in Vipaasna meditation.Let the sense of touch become more and more sensitive/awakened.

Do each sense individually and then collectively.

Do this short  meditation of sense awareness at different times  whenever possible.

If you develop the five senses,you may discover the sixth sense.

According to me the sixth sense is a sense of intuition.And this is in a very undeveloped stage in our brain structure.

Why do scientists not work on developing intuition…?