A Bird’s eye view of your life

In period war movies of ancient times you often saw the Commanders on top of a cliff ,with a bird’s eye view of the battlefield,planning their modus operandi for battling the enemy.It made it easier for the audience also to understand and enjoy the battle better once you know which side are the heroes and which the villains.

Its the same in life.Its very necessary  to have an overview or bird’s eye view of your life to answer or clarify various questions.

Are you going in the right direction? Where are you now in relation to where you wanted to be?

Are the major relationships in your life working out to your satisfaction?

What changes would you like to make in your existing life?

What were the major turning points in your life so far?

What do you want to be doing for the coming portion of your life?

Its like a recap of the story of your life so far and the strategies you should follow from here onwards.

This quality of having a bird’s eyeview is an important quality to develop…..Of being a witness to your own life unfolding.