Jottings on Shoonya

Shoonya in Sanskrit could mean many things.

The common translation could be empty or emptiness.

It could mean the void.

It could be zero (a component of the computer language)

It could be vaccum,or non-existence,or even indifference.

Shoonya is full of meanings.My jottings on Shoonya are on Shoonya as void.

Jottings are thoughts on paper.Question marks.Shoonya is quite a popular concept both in Hindu( including Kashmir Shaivism) as well as Buddhist religious literature.

Could the Universe be an expanding Shoonya? With portions of it a contracting shoonya?

Can a void grow larger or smaller?

Can there be a void within a void ?

Is a dark hole in space  not a shoonya ?

Can a shoonya not explode ? Or implode?

If darkness is an absence of light,is not Shoonya  an absence of light as well as  space?

The big bang was born from Shoonya  and will end in shoonya.

The sun as well as the solar system as well as the planets and the earth have all emerged from  the void.

All humans too are a part of this void.

Death is accepted but the void is not.Why is this so ?