Look Back On Anger

Everybody gets angry and everybody feels bad about getting angry.
What happens when you get angry?
These are the visible signs of anger I have seen in myself as well as other  people.
1.Breathing goes all haywire.
2.The mind gets clouded,so speech pattern gets affected,volume level of voice increases and this in turn gives rise to more anger.You start to sweat and sometimes to suffocate.You will also tend to snort and flare your nostrils.In short you will get ugly and emnate bad vibes.
3.If the person you are lashing your anger on gets provoked this will increase your anger level.Anger escalates very easily.
4.Anger can throw the normal mind pattern out of control.The eyes will widen and be filled with venom.
5.When anger is caused due to an ego problem,then anger is likely to remain,even in a suppressed state,for a long period of time.
6.When anger is combined with frustration then it can lead to uncontrollable  violence.
7.When anger is combined with sex/lust,it can lead to rape or even murder.
8.Anger can be reduced if you anticipate it or learn the art of seeing it coming.
9.Anger can be slowly removed from your system totally with awareness.
10.When anger is caused by the other person’s stupidity, you can minimize anger by  compassion for that person.
11.If you look at the cause of your anger and mentally say to yourself”This too shall pass” you will get less and less angry.
12.Anger can be minimized if you think of people you know whom you have never seen get angry and using them as role models.

Anger is as bad as violence…anger is nothing but violence within oneself created by yourself.No matter what the cause is,there is no need to get angry.

Just as there is non-violence,there MUST be non-anger.

Be cool is a great phrase and that is possible if you decide never to get angry no matter what happens.