Unmess the mess.


A word I really love is “simplify”…..to make everything simple- relationships,emotions,routine,work,whatever.
The opposite of simplify is complicated….but complications coloquially means to make a mess….and I love the word “mess” as much as I like simplify because it goes hand in hand ,because by avoiding a mess,you can simplify…..

The word mess is used in many ways.A few of them below,just to make my point:
My room’s a real mess.
The traffic…the noise …what a mess.
I’ve messed up  my girlfriend.
I’m all messed up in my head.
And the whole world is  messed up.Over population,global warming,oil price escalation ,they’re all messed up.There is no end to it.

What I am talking about is mess at the personal level  in your emotional physical(including financial) and spiritual life.

How is mess created?And how to unmess?
Mess starts slowly.It creeps up on you little by little.
Choices are made,decisions are taken without consideration of their implications.But if you believe in living in simplicity,if you believe in minimalism,then there are less chances of a mess.
Everything in its proper place,proper time and the taoist principle of tackling problems when they are small before they become big.

Becoming aware, before, that a mess may be created later on with a certain choice ,is a big preventer of mess.

And meditation,knowing and stilling your own mind,will help to clear the mess inside your head.If there is less mess inside your head it will follow that there will be less outside also.

Meditation will calm your mind,make you more aware ,and help you make right choices.
Its not that easy as I make it sound.
But “to simplify” is a good antidote to “messing up”.