Developing The Distant Gaze


Walking on a beach,or jogging in a park,when  crossing  people in the opposite direction,the normal human tendency is to look at the person passing by.

There is a certain mind energy drain in this process as the mind  gets activated  and starts a judgemental process about that person.This starts an unneccessary chain reaction . 

So also ,if you are seated at the back, in a car or a train ,you will see all the advertising billboards passing you by, and your mind will pass silent  comments on them  like good,bad, etc. etc .

To avoid unneccesary mind activity in these type of situations,learn to develop the distant gaze.

The Distant Gaze is to be practiced only when you are on your own.And obviously,not while driving a car.

Look at a faraway point,and let people,buildings,trees,all pass you by.Do not observe any specific particulars.Try and make your mind vacant at that point,like a no-mind meditation.

This will  also develop  a certain detachment. A distancing device that will make you more alert ,more aware,as a witness.It will sharpen your mind as there will be no other mind activity during the period of Distant Gaze.

You often see it in films when a person is in a state of shock.People go out of focus or they hear only distorted sounds because  they are not in full control of their senses.

But  here you are practicing the Distant Gaze, in full control,with great awareness and only during certain periods,when you wish to meditate but cant close your eyes.

The Distant Gaze is a meditation technique with your eyes open.

The real world will slowly become a dream world and the dream world will become more real.