Ego Pressure

If there is such a thing called blood pressure, surely there should be a thing called ego pressure that  measures  the level of your ego.

New terminology has to be brought in to seek new insights into mind control. 

A high ego pressure- A high E.P. should be the medical word used for a highly egoistical person.A person who has a large ego.

A person with high E.P. will hardly be aware of his problem,unless someone around him tells him of this.

The ego(whether large or small) is the source of so many problems.

Therfore it is neccessary to get rid of the ego ,if you can.

The first thing is to be aware of this problem.

Then,the  next thing is to  counter this problem with humility.

Developing humility is the cure for High E.P.

Once ego is in control,so much happiness is possible.

You will become more lovable and you will love others more easily.

There will be less distance between you and the rest of humanity.

If there were self development lectures in school,the first lesson would be to learn everything about the ego and then get it out of your system.