To be Spiritual-what does it mean?

Spirituality has been made too esoteric…..

It has become a retirement plan.

When I’m 60 ,then I’ll read about it ,find out what it is and then I’ll become spiritual….Thats the thinking pattern…

Spirituality has been distorted…..It has to be redefined, it has to be reunderstood,it has to become commonized and more universal…

Look at a new born baby….It is so spiritual…eyes full of wonder…quiet and peaceful(when not hungry),always playful,and when you see a new born you are always in awe,of something,of God,of the spiritual.

But by the time the child grows up the spirituality in the child  is lost.How ? Why?

Because no one taught the child to preserve its spirituality….no one knows how to teach babies spirituality….First of all we have to look at spirituality in a new way ourselves…. So what exactly does it mean to be spiritual? A definition is impossible ,like trying to define God.

I will attempt it only partially ,in one liners, as it is too wide a subject for one person.

1.To be spiritual is to be joyful to be alive.

2.To be spiritual is to be silent and natural.

3.To be spiritual is to understand the presence of the divine.

4.To be spiritual is to be kind and understanding.

5.To be spiritual is to be humble and prayerful.

6.To be spiritual is to be loving .

7.To be spiritual one has to keep the poisons like anger,hatred violence,jealosy etc out of the system. 

This can go on and on…..I would like more definitions,if anyone cares to join in….