May the flow never stop

flow of waves

I have picked up my pen after a long gap of time.

I hope the flow has not stopped.May it never stop for anyone.

It is the worst nightmare of a writer……a writer’s block….

The worst nightmare for a human is to loose contact with the divine…..When you are in such a frame of mind….then you ask yourself this question”What is life all about?What am I doing in this world?What is the purpose of it all?”

Without the divine it does not make sense…This universe is so vast and there is so much we do not know anything about,so there is no place to anchor your Self.But  if you believe in the divine,you can leave everything in His hands……like a child who trusts his Father .

My writing is my flow.Good or bad,it is my connection with the divine.It is my connection with the unknown face of humanity out there.

And so I pray “May the flow never stop”