Make the moon your friend

my friend,the moon

Most people ignore the moon.
They take it for granted.
There are too many other problems that they have to cope with in day to day life.Who has time to look up and gaze at the moon?And it is so unpredictable.One day it is there,the next day it is somewhere else at the same time.No consistency,like the sun…..
But make friends with the moon..Study it a bit and you will soon know where exactly to look for it and at what time.
And why should anyone bother to make friends with it?
It is our closest neighbour in space.
It is visible to us most of the time,in all its beauty.
It affects our life on earth so much.
If you associate the moon with nature and if you associate nature with God,then making the moon your friend is like making God your friend.
The moon will widen your mindscape regularly if you take out time to gaze at it lovingly like you do for sunsets.
If you learn to talk with the moon in your mind,it will show itself to you regularly when you are least expecting it.Try it out.And the full moon is such a lovely friend to have ,and the moonlight it showers on you will make you so peaceful and so blissful.
So why not make friends with the moon?