Its a mad mad world

This post is not for everybody-only for those who understand a certain type of madness. There are many types of madness but I am talking only of a certain type of creative madness.

Everybody has a potential madness within themselves.

Everybody is fifty fifty.

I have never met anyone who is not partially mad in some way or the other,who  has not talked to himself  in his whole life. 

This madness is what pushes our lives forward.If we did not have this madness we would have all committed suicide.

This madness not only keeps us alive but pushes our creativity. How we use this madness determines how far we have gone as far as use of our brain is concerned.

But for this madness to be converted into creativity there has to be a certain method in the  madness.

All the past geniuses of the world had a certain method in their madness.

There has to be control.If the madness control’s you,then you have succumbed to the level of ordinariness. 

Use your madness without anyone becoming aware of it and your madness will be one up over anyone else’s madness.

Either you get it or you dont.No one can explain it to you.