Is there a “best time or best way to meditate”?

Generalisations are generally harmful including this one too.
The best time to meditate would be that when you need it most.
When the balance is shaken up,when the mind is in turmoil,when poisons like anger,hatred,violence,jealosy etc. have got into you and your system.So this is the best time to meditate.Meditation will calm you,and restore your balance and will do you the maximum good.
The beginning of the day, and the end of the day are other obvious choices for the best times but this is a personal decision.
I personally like to meditate at the end of the day,after switching the light off,being engulfed by both darkness and silence.But sometimes,when I am faced with a long car commute,I find there is no better time.

Similarly,there is no one “best way” to meditate.There are hundreds of ways to meditate.Try them all if you like or stick to one if you dont like variety.The important thing is to meditate.How and when is totally your choice.
My favourite is the “no mind” meditation.You close your eyes and enter into the darkness of space within you.
Gratitude to God is my first emotion followed by “no mind” meditation .”No mind” means being devoid of thoughts….a sort of Buddhist concept of filling your mind with emptiness.This means you must not allow any thoughts to take birth.This gives rest to all the thought cells in the brain.Its like shutting off the engine of a car which has been running for a long time and allowing the engine to cool down.
Find a best time and a best way to meditate and then use it as a weapon as well as a fortress as well as a vehicle to reach somewhere as well as a communication device to commune with God.