Dont run away from boredom

Too much of excitement can give you a heart attack.But boredom will never kill you.

So why is everybody so afraid of a little boredom.Just think about it.There are 24 hours in a day.So what if a couple of hours pass by quietly,without too much excitement.Boredom is not a disease.It does not need any cure.Just relax and accept it.Even as I tell you this, you react and say what are you saying? The last twenty years mindset has been if bored then remove it instantly… a sitcom….go to the movies,go to the pub…..but dont accept boredom…..But if you learn to look at boredom as stillness….nothing happening….your whole perspective changes…. and your bored existence becomes a meditative existence…full of meaning…..Even now,you think I am being sarcastic….Believe me,I am serious.Try it out and you will never get bored in life.I am not recommending that you get bored intentionally ,but dont try and artificially liven up your life because you are afraid that people around you will think you are living a boring life.

“The average male gets his living by such depressing devices that boredom becomes a sort of natural state to him”


Dont let it be a natural state,but dont run away from it either.