Wisdom is yours for the asking.

Wisdom is far too generalised and made far too esoteric.The way to remove this problem is to categorize wisdom in its many forms.To start with:

Spiritual wisdom or soul wisdom…This is what is shown in movies as what men with long flowing hair possess…the wise ones…..People are under this impression that this is the only type of wisdom available.

Body wisdom:Knowing what is good for your body and what is,nt…Being totally in tune with your body…

Mind Wisdom: Intelligence….a high I.Q. level…

Maths Wisdom: A sub group of Mind Wisdom

Professional Wisdom: Being very clever in your own profession…Doctors,Lawyers,Accountants etc.

Financial Wisdom: Knowing how to make money in the world.

Social Wisdom:Public Relations,making friends easily,politicians,social climbers,popular persons…..

Travel Wisdom: These people know how to get around the world…great story tellers,narrators…easy going in all places..

Cooking wisdom….can cook up a great meal with whatever you give them.

This way you can go on and on….

The human brain has so many areas and people tend to develop certain areas more than the other areas.

The point is each one of us have the potential to be wise in very many different spheres if  those areas are focussed upon and  developed.

Wisdom in not elite or for the old.The young can be equally wise.Wisdom is yours for the asking,if you pursue it.Unfortunately, most of us pursue cleverness,not wisdom.