Make meditation a cure for boredom.

There are so many types of meditations and there is so much already written about it.What I would like to speak about is developing a right attitude towards meditation.
Most people look at meditation as boring.Those looking at others meditating feel “It looks so boring” .And those meditating without the right frame of mind will also feel bored.
Look at meditation differently.
To make the outside world interesting,you fill it with many interesting things-Music,Movies,Food ,Friends,Sex’Love.
To make meditation interesting ,also fill fill it with interesting things.
4.Absence of stress or tension.
5.Prayers and communion with the Divine.

Be creative and add more qualities to meditation and then you will have an enormous weapon at your beck and call to handle life as well as enjoy it .
You have to make meditation the opposite of boredom.When you are bored in the outside world,you go and meditate so that you are recharged and no more bored.Then you give your own meaning.