A guardian angel is your birth right

The concept of a guardian angel for each and every individual in the world is a beautiful concept. Each and every child has protective parents at the time of birth. Just extend this concept, of a guardian in the spiritual world ,and you have the guardian angel.

In India they have the concept of a Family God or a deity which protects that family. There are mantras which possess protective powers. The Mrityunjaya Mantra is supposed to protect one against accidents.

It is a matter of faith as well as an energy around you. You can also call it an awareness. If you are constantly alert ,chances are that accidents will not happen to you.

So your guardian angel is also awareness. There are other qualities which you must develop to have the guardian angel on your side. Virtue is a big plus point. Truth prevails and acts as a protective shield. The important thing is also belief. If you sincerely believe in the guardian angel and simultaneously believe in yourself, you will make the right choices and these choices will be the work of the guardian angel within you.

There is a guardian angel for each and every one.

Why has no research work been done on guardian angels?