Cinema as a meditation device

One of the most common escape from boredom devices in the world is cinema.Most cinema has nothing to do with reality and is purely escapist by nature.This is true of 90 % of commercial cinema.But there is that other 10% (this could vary from country to country) and this  10% sometimes takes you onto another level totally. This can be used as an escape route (meditation device) to go within .This cinema as  meditation technique uses an emotional frame of mind, which you may be in,after seeing an intensely moving film made by a great director.You don’t wish to talk to anybody immediately after the movie  and you want to “digest” the movie and internalize the experience you have just gone through.This is the best time to meditate.Find a quiet place,carry over the mood you are in and meditate on the movie.Slowly ,let the movie settle down and now be left with just the mood.Use the mood to get deeper inside you .

Do your own variations.The idea is to use what the great film makers do to move you when you are inside movie theatres ,but you use those moods outside, creatively and personally , to grow spiritually inside.