What is your spiritual level?

Just as I.Q. levels are measured,why not measure Spiritual Quotient levels also?To start off you could have these five levels.

1-10 Very low level of spirituality.Criminals with record could belong to this category.Zero levels of spirituality are an impossibility as you would always have some element of humanity in you,and with a miracle,there is always a chance for transformation.

10-50 I think most of mankind would belong to this category.Simple god fearing folks,whose life consists in making two ends meet.They have no time for God and definitely no time for meditation and the like.They may be going to Churches or their holy places but only mechanically.

50-100 This may be the second biggest group.These people have been exposed to some form of spirituality,find regular comfort in the Holy books,in prayers but have never gone really deep into spirituality.

100-150 These are the spiritual seekers.They would go out of their way to try and discover their spirituality,go in for prayers or meditations seriously,restless people ,looking for God or the purpose of their existence…New Age literature and different books and gurus and new experiences would interest them.

Above 150- People who have achieved a high level of spirituality….in constant search….Priests,Fathers,Monks,of the various religious orders,would all belong in this category.Long hours of meditations or prayers would be common for them.Their whole purpose in life is to look for some form of enlightenment.

These categories are all very arbitrary and personal.They are my concoctions-like a cocktail drink made for the first time.They need to be refined and polished.But a starting point is always neccessary.The starting point is to find out ” What is my S.Q.level?And then how can I improve this level?”