Choices-The problem of plenty

This problem of plenty is not about money….unfortunately.

It is about choices.

Too many choices bombard all of us daily…..What to read in the paper….what to see on t.v….what to spend our limited time and money on…what classes to send our children to…art or dance….or theatre…or music????

Just sit down and think of how many choices you have to make daily that will determine the course of future events for you,your spouse,your children,your friends….So many of these choices are made so casually… arbitrarily

Choice is everything and the problem of plenty can only be solved by making the right choices.Without being rushed into it.By giving all the choices proper thought.And by meditating on the choices.

Meditation is not only spiritual.It can also be practical,real worldly.If you can meditate spiritually then meditating on making choices will be effortless.