Insulate Yourself

This is the age where both Insurance as well as Insulation are a must for all.
Insurance everyone understands but what is insulation?
It is nothing but protecting yourself from dangerous electric currents(negative energies) which come at you from all directions.
So be aware and find your own ways to insulate yourself .

1. Insulate yourself from Currents of Stress.(Work Stress,Financial Stress,Emotional Stress,Pressure of Time Stress)

2.Insulate yourself from Bad vibes from a certain type of people.( jealous people,angry people,frustrated people,evil people,negative people,cynical people,sarcastic people,abusive people)Just bounce off all the negative energy these people emit and avoid these type of people totally, if possible.

3.Insulate yourself from all sorts Of Environmental Pollution.( Smoke pollution,Noise Pollution,Crowd Pollution,Traffic Pollution)

4.Insulate yourself from all junk foods.

5.Insulate yourself from mediocrity and from senseless activities.

Awareness is a good insulation material for the above dangers.
Meditation can lead to more awareness.
Breath control,Yoga can be good insulation for all types of stress.
Good fresh foods and fruits can fight the junk foods with ease.
Being very selective in your choice of investments and being very selective about what you spend money on can save you from financial stress.
Being very very selective in the choice of relationships can ward off all sorts of unwanted people from your life.
Being very selective in your choice of activities ,being selective about the T.V. programmes you watch and being selective about your surfing habits,can give you much needed breathing time in real life.

Insulation is not always possible but  if you become aware of the dangers, atleast you are forewarned.

Insurance is for the outside but insulation is protection for the within.To prevent electrocution of your peace of mind.