The great escape


When I say escape I dont mean run away from -on the contrary I mean run towards.
When I say escape routes there is no negativity in the idea.
All the escape routes I’m taking  are totally positive,they are ways to go within with a certain mindset,and they are ways to live in the outside world with a certain mindset.
Each person has to select his own route.There are so many other  escape routes that I  do not know.Each person has to select a combination of different routes,like a mix and match to fit his own persona.Thats why the routes become so interesting.Thats why this story is fun to write.
Some of the escapes routes I like .
1.Selective Taoist ideas.
2.A Zen way of life.
3.Yogic Viewpoints of Patanjali.

4.Traditional Buddhist Sutras.

5.Hindu Upanishadic thoughts.

6.Sufi Dancing

7.Religious Prayers of all religions of the world

These escape routes are interesing on their own but together they become The Great Escape.

This list will keep expanding as the blog progresses.